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Gustav Kuhn is also very renown for a lot of activities that do not have anything to do with music. For example he loves riding his motor bike and used to be part of the olympic national sailing team of Austria. But over the years he focused more and more on supporting new talents in the music business and developing other artistic projects besides that of the Tyrolean Festival Erl. Find out more about these activities below...

Accademia di Montegral

The Accademia di Montegral is Kuhn’s counter project to the music and opera industries he has criticized so much over the years. Gustav Kuhn and his love of music is the driving force of the Academy. Upcoming talents from all over the world receive individual support and coaching, the chance of holistic development as artists and the opportunity to create a sustainable career in music.

Neue Stimmen


Every October, Gustav Kuhn travels to Gütersloh in Westphalia, Germany, to work on a very special program: He is Artistic Director and a member of the jury for the international singing competition NEUE STIMMEN [New Voices] of the Bertelsmann’s Stiftung which is always searching for new talented singers. He founded the competition 25 years ago and has worked for it ever since. Today it is one of the most important singing compeitions worldwide.

col legno


It doesn't matter what kind of a product you hold in your hands, one thing is more than clear: You are confronted with a colourful and extraordenary recording. The recording label 'col legno' promotes important contemporary classical music as well as the visions of its artists.

Owner: DDr. Christian Köck, Gustav Kuhn, Andreas Schett,
Czerwenka Privatstiftung represented by Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg and Dr. Susanne Singer

CEO: Mike Breneis


and other artistic work

Gustav Kuhn is not only succesful as an international conductor but also in many other fields such as composer, director, light designer and author.
International contracts:

* Konzert-Direktion Hans Adler ​

* Dr. Christin Kirn, +39 348 6040906

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