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There has been a lot written about Gustav Kuhn - recently especially about his work at the Tyrolean Festival Erl and the opening of his new festival building. In his book "Aus Liebe zur Musik" (Henschel Verlag) Kuhn presents his musical idea giving practical advice to young conductors as well as a description of his idea of musical artwork also in a philosophical way. A selection of quotes tries to give a little impression of Gustav Kuhn's thoughts and opinions.

"Whatever you do in life you should do it with LOVE. No matter if you are a conductor or a sailor – both have to be convinced about their job."

"It is definitely clear that ART, we are talking about real art, is not the right way to make money. Art can help to make money but then - in most cases - art is on the losing side."

"I don’t want to see the OPERA as a cultural element or a question of prestige of the upper classes within the provincial towns."

"For many ARTISTS the most important thing is not to play a certain part but to go about their business."

"We should try to take full advantage of the INDUSTRY, fighting at the same time against its impossibilities. Of course this is also valid for both the cultural industry and the music industry."

"They say: MUSIC is the soul’s language. I love this type of expression as much as I love the Italian language."

"Music can’t be defined exactly in a certain STRUCTURE. You can only divide it into good music and bad music."

"Either directors, managers, producers, singers or simply all the opera staff lost touch with their main AIMS or the general conditions have changed so dramatically that the aims can’t be reached any more."

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